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Wedding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?  More documentary, cinematic, or a mix of both?

We never focus on one particular style.  Our goal is to capture people being able to be themselves, and in doing so the style reflects the event rather than our personal preferences.  We will utilize the best framing, lighting, camera movement and lens that will help tell your story the way it should be told. Each wedding video is unique because each couple has different defining characteristics of their relationship that show through at the wedding.


This is not to say that we do not make suggestions that will improve the end result of your video.  For example, we may ask you to take a step to your left so we can see you in the most flattering light.  Or suggest you to raise or lower your flowers so as to get the best possible angle.  Ultimately we try to balance what occurs naturally with what may look better with a little bit of our guidance.

What kind of a camera do you use?

We use high-definition Canon cameras, and depending on the venue we’ll decide if cinema, video or DSLR’s will work best. We always bring back-up equipment and stay as mobile as possible to make sure we do not miss a moment of the big day.

How early do you start and how late do you stay?

We recommend starting at least an hour before the bride gets dressed and stopping roughly 60-90 minutes before the reception ends.  Second to the vows, the “getting ready” can be one of the most emotional parts of the wedding day because of the personal interactions with your closest family and friends.  At a reception, once the main events have ended, we only need 30-45 minutes of general dancing.

We ordered the 8-hour package.  Can we break up those hours or do they have to be continuous?

The hours have to be continuous.  No matter the number of hours you have booked with us we treat them as a “start to end” job with no break in between.  We understand that some events have a time gap in the day either because of the amount of travel required from one location to the next, or perhaps because they booked the church in the morning and the reception site in the evening.  But since we cannot book other events during those time gaps we would be considered “on the clock”.

We ordered the 6-hour package but now realize we need more hours can we extend our video service?

Absolutely.  Events such as weddings often require flexibility on the part of a vendor and we are happy to accommodate any time changes you require.  We are there for you throughout the entire day so whether you need us to start earlier, end later, or both we can make that adjustment. 

Do we have to talk on camera during the "getting ready"?

No, you don’t have to talk on camera, but natural audio is really powerful. Capturing you candidly talking with friends and family, or telling us about the significance of a special detail of your day can really enhance your film. Some couples have been adamant that they don’t want to say anything and that’s no problem. Your wedding should be fun and we are there to capture it not make you feel uncomfortable.

How do you get your shots without "being in the way"?

The key is finding a balance between capturing what you’re expecting us to capture and not be “in the way.” We’re part of the event, but we don’t want to be an obvious part of the event. People expect for there to be photographers and videographers and cameras, but we don’t want to make a scene with it. We try to be low profile with how we do things, but we have to strike a fine balance with that.

Do we need to provide a meal for you?

For any contract with video service totalling 6 hours or more a vendor meal is required.  Each venue is different on what they consider a “vendor meal”. Sometimes it is a guest meal; sometimes it is completely different.  

How will the audio be handled?

During the ceremony we will often ask the groom to wear a small microphone to capture the vows.  We’ll also place mics at other locations to capture the Officiant, musicians and reading.  During the reception we’ll work with your DJ or MC to connect directly to their sound system to capture the speeches. Our audio devices do not interfere with wireless systems or any other type of sound system that you might find in a church or similar venue.  Our microphones are very small and easily concealed. 

How do you handle lighting?

Majority of the time we can work with natural light.  During a reception or in a less lit environment we do have camera lights that we will use.  Sometimes these lights can be bright but we promise you that we are sensitive to where and when we use them. 

When the wedding video is complete, what will we receive?

It depends on the specifics of your video service contract, however, most couples will receive 3 DVD or Blu-Ray copies of their final video, 1 DVD containing all of the Raw Footage, and a flash drive with a digital file that allows you to easily watch, share and save your wedding video.  All DVD's and Blu-Ray's arrive in nice, sturdy cases, that will keep your memories safe for years to come.

Who picks the music?

Shortly after your wedding you will be asked to provide a list of music suggestions.  A list of 5-7 song preferences with an emphasis on variety.  We don’t want all slow songs and we don’t want everything to be too fast.  A nice mix.  That said, it is your wedding video so if you wanted all the music to be one genre, or to only use classical pieces, we will be happy to include those choices.  We do we reserve the right to choose which songs from your list make it into the final video because some songs work better than others at the end of the day.  If you prefer to have our seasoned and creative editors pick out music on your behalf that is also fine.

Are we invovled in the editing process?

The short answer is no, I am afraid.  What we do offer is a one-time follow-up edit after you have received your final wedding DVDs.  If requested, we will provide you with an edit form that will allow you to make the one-time adjustments to the video.  We will then send you the revised DVD's and/or Blu-ray's within 1 week of completing the revisions.  If you require any more adjustments/edits afterwards there is an additional service charge.

Can we add in Uncle Joe's iPhone video to the final edit?

Due to the differences in quality as well as the amount of footage that people now take on their phones, tablets, etc…we do not edit in footage that we have not created for you.  However, we are happy to include a photo or two if your Photographer provides them.  If you want to include a photo slideshow with your final wedding DVD or Blu-Ray we are happy to assist (see "Add-On" options under "Pricing").

How long does it take to receive my final video?

Most contracts have a three-month target completion date.  However, it is largely based on the type of wedding service you ordered as well as the time of year of the wedding.

What is a "Love Story" video?

It is a cinematic way to tell us about you and your Fiancé’s own, unique Love Story.  It can include interviews talking about how you met, fell in love, got engaged, and your hopes and dreams for the future.  It can include pictures or even have a slideshow at the end.


You can think of it as the video equivalent of an engagement session.  We will work with you to pick a location or multiple locations that have meaning in order to help tell your special story. 


On average, the Love Story is about 5-10 minutes long. It can be displayed many different ways. It can play during the Rehearsal Dinner to set the mood and emotion for the weekend, or it can play during the Wedding Reception.  It can play as a key moment during the reception…sort of an “all eyes over here” type of event.  Or it can simply be displayed at a station somewhere for guests to walk up and view on their own time. Either way, a copy of the Love Story will be on your final DVD or Blu-Ray.  You can see a sample by clicking the link below.





Love Story Description
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