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   Creative Video Services
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Based out of Los Angeles, with clients all over the world, Marabate Studios is the perfect video production company for all of your needs.  From concept through production and beyond we are here for you. 





Product Demos / Company Service Promos
Visual Training Materials / Website Video Content
TV Commercials / Music Videos
Short Subjects / And Much More

Mark Marabate - Owner

Since 2001, Mark Marabate has been producing videos for companies around the world.  He cut his teeth in over 30 countries creating video content for an online travel channel before transitioning to a series of production companies with a focus on dynamic corporate and commercial projects.  It was always Mark's dream to run his own company and with Marabate Studios that dream has become a reality. 

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Let our talented in-house team take your project to the next level by utilizing the most dynamic cinematography, motion graphics, and 3D animation.  

If you have a vision to share, a story to be told, or an image to build give Marabate Studios a call at 310.853.0611 or visit our contact page.

Marabate Studios creates high-quality corporate videos for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  







How can I take a great idea and turn it into an engaging and powerful video for my businesss?


Marabate Studios has been helping our clients conceptualize their ideas for over 10 years.  Let our experience work for you. 


We start with the basic philosophy that every client is unqiue.  Thus we want to spend the time getting to know more about you and your needs, before a minute of video is created.


The name of the game is collaboration.  After our initial consultation we will work with you to fully realize your video project. Whether you are looking to expand your online presence, create in-house training material, or promote your latest services and/or products, our team of professionals can help you bring it to life in an meaningful way.





What is creative producing?  


Producing for us is a creative endeavor.  While many companies can schedule a shoot, find a location, and hire a crew, we believe in providing a more comprehensive service.  A service that truly caters to our client's vision.


What this means is that we not only concern ourselves with the details of producing: the who, what, where, and when...but also the why.  


Why this particular location?  Why this actor?  Why this voice-over artist?


The end result is simple: Our client's get a production tailor-made for them.




How does it all come together?


At Marabate Studios we think of each project as its own little story.  Whether we are telling the story of how a business came to be, how a product was created, or how a service could best help it's customers, we make sure that story is fully realized in the post-production phase.


We work closely with our client's during every stage of telling their story and the editing process is no different.  You will have multiple opportunites to review your work-in-progress,  provide feedback, and make sure your needs are being met.  Marabate Studios does not believe in having 'final cut', that is for our clients to decide.


Our team of talented editors, graphic designers, and audio engineers look forward to telling your story.





Marabate Studios
Tel: 310.853.0611




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Creative Video Services 
To Meet Your Needs
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